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Primary Wire Wipe System

Primary Wire Wipe System

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The patented Primary Wire Wipe is as an economical, low maintenance, environmentally friendly system to remove visible dust, swarf and excessive lubricant from bare, tinned or plated nonferrous wire or strand. The Primary Wire Wipe employs a simple principle: Removal of any residuals is achieved by two strips of non-woven cleaning tape passing across the wire at a predetermined creep speed moving in opposite directions. One above and one below the wire. The constant traverse rate of the cleaning tape across the wire ensures a continuous supply of fresh, uncontaminated cleaning tape to the wire. In this manner the wire does not come into contact with contaminated cleaning tape as is the case when rags or stationary felt pads or boxes are used. The cleaning tape traverses rate and line speed is dependent on wire diameter and contamination.

The PWW facilitates subsequent processes which require a clean surface.

The PWW can also be used on the entry side of an aqueous cleaning system in order to reduce the rate of sludge build up in the aqueous cleaning system and the frequency of sludge removal. In case of reduced requirements to the surface quality the PWW is an economical alternative to expensive cleaning systems. Furthermore the system suit applications where low space is available.

Customized modifications of the PWW have been proven successful in applying different types of lubricants and finishes, such as corrosion inhibitors, adhesion enhancers and welding wire finishing materials.

DRB-WCS - Wire Cleaning With A Rotating Spiral Brush

Mechanical Wire Cleaning - BRUSHING MACHINE DRB-WCS

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The DRB-WCS brush cleaning system for wires, cables and pipes is a compact, environmentally friendly and cost-effective system for the mechanical treatment of round materials in a continuous process.
For this purpose the material passes through a rotating spiral brush. The rotary movement of the brush boosts the wiping effect of this well-proven tool. Further contamination removed from the wire does not clog-up the brush because centrifugal force throws a major part of the removed contamination into the base of the unit where the removed dirt is caught in the trough and collected in a removable, draw type, container. Depending on the application and material the brushes can have nylon, brass or steel bristles. Following the spiral brush is an air jet nozzle to blow off any remaining loose particles.

The DRB-WCS brush cleaning system has been successfully used for:

- Removal of scale residues, metal particles and dust

- Reduction of drawing agent residues such as calcium and sodium stearate

- Reduction and uniform leveling of release agents such as talcum on insulated conductors

DRB-WCS-W - Wire Cleaning With A Rotating Spiral Brush & Liquid Application

Similar to the DRB-WCS described above the DRB-WCSW brush system operates with a spiral brush. The additional supply of hot liquid from a heated storage tank, applied by spray nozzles onto the spiral brush, boosts the wiping effect of the rotary movement of the brush and reduces dirt build-up on the bristles.

BMG RBS - Mechanical Cleaning Of Tubes, Rods & Cables

BMG-RBS brush cleaning system

BMG-RBS brush cleaning system

The BMG-RBS brush cleaning system is designed for the mechanical treatment of round materials such as pipes, rods and cables in a continuous process. For this purpose the material to be cleaned passes through a rotating unit with two or three, likewise rotating brush rows.

Mechanical cleaning systems are traditionally used to clean wires, strips, spring steel and profiles. GEO-Reinigungstechnik offers different systems, both with the outstanding advantages of the superior surface quality, the low wear and the easy handling.

The mechanically supported washing is based on the combination of rotating brush aggregates with a wet cleaning agent, sprayed on by nozzles. Our ready for use equipment is made of chemical resistant stainless steel and has a complete water circulation with particle filter and skimmer to extend operating life. The number and type of brushes are variable. Added by especially adapted cleaning chemicals the space-saving system guarantees extraordinary cleaning performance.

Primary Wire Wipe

You produce or process wires, cables, strands?
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