Spray-flood cleaning systems on an aqueous basis  

GEO Przemysłowe Mycie - standard- and customized flood/spray cleaning systems

The sister company of GEO cleaning technology, GEO Przemysłowe Mycie (GEO PM), focuses on the development and manufacture of innovative watery flood and spray cleaning systems. Quality, safety and reliability based on many years of experience characterize standard systems as well as tailor-made systems of GEO PM.

Degreasing of bulk materials and components in production in single-chamber systems      

This type of equipment is preferably used for the degreasing of bulk materials in standardized washing baskets. In conjunction with individualized goods carriers, single-chamber cleaning systems are also highly suitable for cleaning individual components.
Cleaning, rinsing and drying are carried out in a single, cylindrical treatment chamber. In this, the parts including basket or goods carrier are washed and rinsed in the spray cleaning or flood injection process. In the latter process the partial flooding of the cleaning chamber is carried out simultaneously with the spray cleaning of parts, supported by a panning movement or carrier rotation. These operation modes support the intense cleaning even of parts with complex geometries. The cleaning process can be further optimized by the installation of ultrasonic transducers.t

The liquids are supplied from a 2-chamber tank system. Warm air is used for drying. Optionally, a highly efficient vacuum drying can be selected. All system components are installed easily accessible in a compact, soundproof housing and designed for easy operation and maintenance. Thanks to the modular design, personalized technical solutions are possible.

Basic configuration

  • Flood injection washing
  • Flood injection flushing
  • Drying by blowing with side channel blower
  • Chamber movement "rotate"; optional chamber movement "panning"
  • Droplet separator for connection to on-site exhaust air piping
  • 2-chamber tank system with 400 l volume each
  • Machine housing Noise level measurement based on EN ISO 3746
  • Control SIMATIC S7 -300 KP 400 Comfort


  • Ultrasonic cleaning, immersion transducers in the chamber
  • Quadro drying system: pulsed vacuum overpressure drying system
  • Warm air drying
  • Manually and automatic loading systems
  • Automatic loading, max. 5 places
  • Oil separator (coalescence separator)
  • Pressure full-flow filtration
  • Vapour condenser, air-cooled
  • Extensive accessories