Cleaning with non-woven

Gentle stripping - Primary Wire Wipe  

The Primary Wire Wipe System (PWW) is an environmentally friendly and cost effective unit for reducing particulate surface buildup and excess drawing lubricants and oils on thin wires and tapes.

The material to be cleaned passes through two mirror-inverted arranged strips of nonwoven tapes moving in opposite directions at a predetermined creep speed. The guiding of wire is normally carried out transversely to the two cleaning tapes. Tapes are passed in opposite direction along the strip material. The constant traverse rate of the cleaning tape across the wire and the controlled contact pressure ensures a covering and continuous supply of fresh cleaning tape to the wire. In this manner the wire does not come into contact with contaminated wipers as is the case when traditional methods like rags, sponges or stationary felt pads are used.

The standard system is designed for wires up to 2 mm in diameter and tapes up to 120 mm in width.


In the design as TWIN PWW with four nonwoven rolls and supplemented by a vertically arranged pair of pressure plates, wire diameters up to 4 mm can be treated.
Together with the optionally available gravimetric liquid feed, this configuration can also be used for cleaning with a cleaning agent and subsequent drying.

KFP-V - Erase of misprints
from cable & plastic tubing  

The KFP-V unit has been designed to remove misprinted text from insulated cables and plastic tubing.

The two stage process consists of first dowsing the cable with a suitable, liquid agent and then passing it through two sets of  driven nonwoven tapes that wipe off the print.
The liquid agent is drip fed onto the cable or tubing and evenly spread via static brushes. The cable or tubing then passes through two sets of off-set nonwoven tapes that wipe off the print. The tapes are mechanically driven and run in the opposite direction to the cable flow. The continuously moving, infinitely variable speed of the tapes ensures the tape in contact with the cable is always clean. As each pair of cleaning tapes is off-set by 90 degrees, this together with adjustable pressure rollers ensures the complete circumference of the cable is covered / wiped.

The complete unit is provided with operator friendly, hinged enclosures to which an extractor fan system can be fitted in order to keep the working area free of any fumes.

The KFP-V system is suitable for cable diameters ranging from 5 mm (.20‘‘ ) to 25 mm (1“) / (others on request).
The line speed and consumption of cleaning materials (liquid agent / nonwoven tape / brushes) depend on the cable material and also vary according the amount and density of the misprint to be removed.


at a glance 

  • low space requirement
  • low energy requirement
  • individually configurable
  • wire or tape cleaning
  • use with cleaning media optional