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GEO-Reinigungstechnik GmbH develops and manufactures demand-oriented standard systems and tailor-made systems for the cleaning of wires, cables and tapes as well as the cleaning of parts in industrial production.

Whether mechanical surface treatment or aqueous cleaning with ultrasound, as immersion, spray or high-pressure cleaning, expert advice and individually tailored solutions guarantee the highest plant and process safety.

The philosophy of our company is to focus on industrial cleaning issues in their entirety.

Together with you, we determine the appropriate cleaning process to provide you with our products, our advice and our service the perfect solution for your requirements.

Benefit from our highly skilled network, which has a wealth of experience in  components, process engineering and cleaning chemistry.

To determine the suitable plant and process technology for the cleaning of long products such as wires, cables, tapes, strands and pipes, a technical center with various procedures is available in Gescher.

Likely to be unique is the possibility of testing the influence of high-pressure nozzles, ultrasound reactors and ultrasonic immersion oscillators individually or in combination under conditions close to production in a line developed specifically for aqueous cleaning.


The design of the Wire Welding Test Equipment (WWTE) is based on the fact that the quality of a weld is critically dependent on the quality of the welding wire and the arc. Apart from the metallurgical characteristics, the surface quality and their sliding and contact properties play a crucial role. The WWTE provides measurement curves that are relevant for assessing the quality such as feed resistance F (N), welding current I (A), the welding voltage U (V) and the wire speed both directly after the wire feed rollers as well as directly in front of the welding gun.

It is precisely the ratio of those latter two parameters, which in addition to conveying resistance can provide information on the weldability of the wire.

Thanks to the rapid measurement of the wire speed immediately after the conveyor rollers and directly at the welding gun micro-welds in the contact tip and the slip in the conveyor rollers can be reliably detected and informed conclusions on improving the quality of wire can be drawn. The galvanically separated measuring signals are displayed and stored using special software as waveforms on a time axis. They can be issued or printed out separately, one above the other or superimposed. By creating reference measurements and the allocation of a tolerance range fast measurements can be made for quality assurance in the welding wire production.


The benefits
at a glance

  • Cleaning tests
  • Analysis of your cleaning requirements
  • Design and production
  • Commissioning and assembly
  • Maintenance and servicing
  • Spare parts service