LS-WST - wire coating &
cleaning in the smallest space  

The LS-WST system applies liquid media or solids dissolved in liquid via a dosing system and a textile tape on wires with round or rectangular cross sections.

The system consists of two modules. In addition to the controller, the drive unit houses a stepper motor for belt transport as well as a dosing system. In the separate process zone, a textile tape is wrapped around the wire. By means of the metering system, liquid is applied uniformly to the wire surface via an applicator. Due to the extremely small dimensions, the process zone can be flexibly integrated into the line.

The dosage is gravimetric or with a micro gear pump. Depending on the installed system, liquids with a viscosity below 100 mPas in the range of 0.1 to 5 ml / min can be applied to the textile tape. The continuous, infinitely adjustable transport of the belt also ensures that always clean tape is in contact with the wire.

For light cleaning tasks, the drive unit of the LS-WST basic module can be supplemented by optional modules with flexible tape guidance. Common to all system combinations is the extremely small footprint.

The LS - WST system is suitable for wire diameters from 0.1 mm (.004 '') to 10 mm (, 4 ").

at a glance 


  • low space requirement
  • modular expandable
  • high process speeds possible
  • easiest operation

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